Participant access: Daniel Goeleman- Leadership: The Power of Emotional Intelligence.

card-the-leadershi fata

This information is for the use of the persons and companies who have already registered for the business event of the year Leadership: The Power of Emotional Intelligence – 25 september.

theLeadership Card

All registered participants have already received their access cards (as seen in the image to the right).

Together with this card, participants have also received a complete set of instructions for online check-in as well as detailed information about the benefits of checking in online in advance. All participants must fill in the check in form available online on


If you have registered for the event, have paid the fee and have not yet received this card, please call urgently 0737 511 511 and we will make arrangements for you to receive your card as soon as possible.

After filling in the online check in form, all that you will have to do is come at the event, with this card and your ID card, Wednseday, September 25th starting with 8:30 am. It is preferable to come before 9:45 am, as the event starts at 10 am.

How to get to the Palace of Parliament, entrance C1?

To see a Google Map, please click here.

harta_locatie palatul parlamentului intrarea c1 Leadership, the power of emotional intelligence

Access inside the Palace of Parliament will be allowed on the basis of your ID card and of your The Leadership access card, through the C1 Entrance which can be accessed through the gate situated at the intersection of Natiunile Unite Boulevard with Libertatii Boulevard, as seen in the map above.

Attention! Entering the Palace of Parliament will imply passing through a security filter with metel-detectors. Please make sure that you do not have upon your person any object that may be considered a weapon or self-defense item (i.e. pepper sprays).

You may use public transportation, a taxi or your personal car.

Subway stations

The closest subway stations are Izvor and Unirii. The distance from either of them to the C1 Entrance may be walked in approximately 10-15 minutes.

From both Izvor and Unirii stations you may take no. 136 bus to get to the entrance. The route to C1 entrance, depending on traffic conditions, may take up to 10 minutes.

Bus stations

Bus no. 136

Stations: C.E.T. Vest, Valea Cascadelor, Iuliu Maniu, Sos. Pandurilor, Calea 13 Septembrie, Bd. Libertatii, Bd. Natiunile Unite, Str. B. P. Hasdeu, Splaiul Independentei, Pod Izvor


Taxis are comfortable solutions, especially for participants from outside Bucharest.

We recommend only the use of cars belonging to authorized companies such as: Tess, Taxi 2000, Auto Cobalcescu, Meridian, Cris Taxi, Confort, Fly Taxi, As.

The fare per kilometer mai vary around 1.7 lei. Therefore, a trip from Gara de Nord train station to the Palace of Parliament would cost approximately 10 lei.

Personal vehicles (a solution we do not recommend)

This is a solution which we do not recommend. Access for cars will be allowed through the same gate leading to C1 entrance (Libertatii Blvd. corner with Natiunile Unite Blvd.) but the Palace of Parliament does not have parking spaces to cover the needs of such a large event. There is a 80 spaces car park close to the C1 entrance, but these spaces will be occupied on the first come-first served principle and may be used by Parliament staff, dignitaries, conference participants and other visitors. Therefore, if you are coming by car, we recommend parking outside the premises in a public car park. One of the closest you can useis the one in Constitution Square, according to the map above. GPS/satnav coordinates are the following: Lat: 44º25’46″N, Lon: 26º5’15″E.


Participant access: September 25th from 08:30

Conferrence venue: Alexandru Ioan Cuza Hall

Event Schedule

08.30 – 10.00 Participant registration

10.00 – 10.30

Opening session dr. Marian Rujoiu

10.30 – 12.00

The Primal Leadership – Learning to Lead with Emotional Intelligence dr. Daniel Goleman

12.00 – 13.30

Lunch/ Business Lunch with Daniel Goleman (Platinum VIP)

13.30 – 14.15

Inspired Leadership in times of crisis (part 1) interview dr. Daniel Goleman

14.15 – 14.30


14.30 – 14.45

Inspired Leadership in times of crisis (part 2)  interview dr. Daniel Goleman

14.45 – 15.15

Q&A dr. Daniel Goleman

15.15 – 15.45

Book signing dr. Daniel Goleman

15.45 – 16.15

event closing

16.15 – 16.30

Press conference

Lunch halls – according to your conference package:

– VIP and Platinum: The Brâncovenesc Hall

– Gold and Silver: The Receptions Hall

The route to and from the lunch halls will be signaled and you will be guided along the way by conference staff.

Seating for the Conference

(Each participant may choose any available seat in the sectors allocated for their respective conference package Platinum/VIP/Gold/Silver)

schita alexandru ioan cuza - palatul parlamentului


  • Please make sure you are not carrying any object that might be considered a weapon or self-defense item (ie. pepper sprays). The security filter at the entrance is similar to those in airports
  • access will not be allowed without a valid ID card (or Passport in the case of foreign citizens) and without your theLeadership access card. In the case a participant does not have their access card, the registration process will take longer. In this case, the participants are kindly asked to have upon their person the following documents: the invoice, proof of payment, official document form the company delegating the person to the event.Without a valid ID, access to the event is not allowed due to security restrictions.
  • No video or audio recording of the event is allowed.

Simultaneous translation:

During the conference, all participants will have access to simultaneous translation, in Romanian/English via headphones. It is important to remember:

-Headphones/Headsets may be procured from inside the conference hall – A.I. Cuza Hall.

-As you ask for a Headphone, you will be asked to provide a valid ID which you will have to give in exchange for the headphone and which will be returned to you as you return the headset.

-The simultaneous translation equipment, including receivers and headsets are the property of the Palace of Parliament and are valued at aprox. 400 Euro/piece. Therefore, please remember to leave the headset with the staff member in charge as you leave the venue.

-English speakers who do not speak Romanian are asked to pick up a headset as during the opening session and the conference there will be moments when the language used will be Romanian.

-Romanian speakers who do speak English are kindly asked to ask questions during the Q&A session in Romanian. All questions will be translated.



Most persons and companies have already received their invoices via e-mail or regular mail. If from various reasons you have not received your invoice, please know that during event breaks, it will be possible to pick it up from a desk at the back of the room.

Participation certificates

Persons who have checked in online before September 22 will be able to pick up a personalized participation certificate. Persons who have not checked-in online before September 22 are kindly asked to e-mail us before September 30 at, asking for a certificate to be issued. The e-mail should contain the participant’s full name and postal address.




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